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Two Words. Please Stay.

Posted on: June 30, 2010 3:18 pm

The clock is ticking.

The Decision.

It's not March Madness and yet I can't help feeling like Cleveland is playing the role of Cinderalla.

But in this case, whether it has a happy ending or not is completely out of the control of a city and its loyal fans.

Is this what Cinderella felt like. To be taken on a magical ride only to know that the clock would eventually strike midnight?

In my heart, I want LeBron James to stay.

In my rational, if not cynical, head I know he won't. The story book endings haven't happened in Cleveland since I've been born. Instead it's been a series of two-word dismissals.

The Drive
The Fumble
The Shot
The Move
The (whatever you call the 97 series)
The (whatever you call this year's series against the Celtics)

Two words. It seems like everything that is nationally known about Cleveland sports gets boiled down to two words. That's a shame because Cleveland fans (and you know who I'm talking about) deserve so much more.

I believe LeBron really did want to change that perception. I hope he still does. Would there ever be a championship as sweet as winning one in your hometown?

Cleveland fans: I'm not there, but I'm rooting for you. And if #23 decides to leave, I'll still be here cheering for my teams.

LeBron, if you want to cement your legacy, here are two words for you to think about:

I'm staying.

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